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Stockton Town Pastors (STP) is a charitable volunteer initiative involving a number of churches across a range of Christian denominations in the Stockton-on-Tees area which started in December 2009, and follows the Christian Nightlife Initiatives ‘street angels’ model used in more than 120 other towns and cities across the United Kingdom.

Our project provides a caring presence on the streets of Stockton-on-Tees on Friday and Saturday evenings between 10pm and 4am during the ‘night-time economy’ period when members of the public may become vulnerable and in need of help.

STP has its own Management Board with its own constitution, and is registered with the Charity Commission (Certificate No. 1143017).

STP is a Christian organisation which provides an inclusive service to the local community; values all individuals equally in a way which is distinctive to our Christian ethos; and has transparent professional management, operational and funding processes in place which reflect the highest levels of integrity.  

Funding is secured mainly through donations from local churches, Christian trusts and individuals, with occasional donations also being made by a variety of local groups. The STP management board view the project very much as a gift from the local churches to the community of Stockton-on-Tees.

The project has developed close partnership working with local public services such as the Police, local Council and the Safer Stockton Partnership board. Regular meetings take place with our partners to increase the service offered to the community.

STP volunteers operate from a mobile unit located close to The Shambles on Stockton’s High Street, offering a safe haven to the vulnerable and needy.


How is Stockton Town Pastors Organised?

Stockton Town Pastors Structure

Management Board

Adam Randall - Chair

Adam Randall

Stephen Brock - Deputy Chair

Stephen Brock
Deputy Chair

Ian Bartle - Treasurer

Ian Bartle

Sheila Brown - Volunteer Manager

Sheila Brown
Volunteer Manager

Sue Mulcaster - Volunteer Representative

Sue Mulcaster
Volunteer Rep

Andy Fox - Secretary

Andy Fox

Stuart Leven - Council Contact

Stuart Levin
Council Contact

Janice Oxnard - Safeguarding

Janice Oxnard

Stockton Town Pastors Logo

Michael Barker

John Cunningham - IT & GDPR

John Cunningham

There are different levels of volunteer with different responsibilities:

Team Member

A team member has completed the core training and is an active volunteer who goes out on a night.

Team Leader

A team leader has gone through further training to lead a group of three when out on a night and is also a Team Member


A Co-ordinator has gone through further training to be able to be point of contact and run a full session and be the main contact. Also a Team Member

Board Member

Board members are the people who organise the background of the activities and do the administration so the other volunteers can go out.


An observer is someone who has not completed any or all of the core training elements and can see what we do on a night and get a feel for what is happening

We are supported by and work with the following organisations:

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