Our Aims

Our ‘Aims’ are to:

  • Make a contribution to the safety and well-being of fellow citizens
  • Offer care, compassion and relevant practical and spiritual help where appropriate to members of the public
  • Help those who find themselves marginalised and vulnerable
  • Signpost services that are available from other organisations and Stockton Borough Council and help individuals access those services
  • Offer support, training and guidance to other groups in setting up or running similar projects in other locations

These are achieved by providing a presence within the night-time environment on Friday and Saturday evenings between the hours of 10pm and 3am, offering assistance to those who may be in need. This ranges from administering first aid for minor injuries or ailments to reuniting individuals with family and/or friends; and includes temporary respite via our ‘free’ café located within our mobile unit for those in need of a safe haven away from the alcohol-dominated environment.

The Project is also represented on the Board of ‘Christian Nightlife Initiatives’ a registered charity which seeks to provide guidance and support nationally to a range of activities aimed at establishing similar community based projects within the night-time economy period.