STP Volunteers

All of our volunteers have undergone an application and training programme, which is described in detail in the volunteer handbook.

All volunteers are at least 18 years of age and have undergone an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check and informal interview process.

The core training programme is constructed with a view to securing National Open College Network (NOCN) accreditation for its volunteers, and includes:

  • Conflict Management and Personal Safety
  • Child & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding
  • STP Volunteer Handbook Policies and Procedures
  • Night-time Environment Issues – including alcohol, door registration scheme and licensing
  • Initial Actions at Crime Scenes

Most of our volunteers are also trained to the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) standard, and are able to dispense basic first aid – see our volunteers in training here.

Our motivation as a Christian project is to bring God’s love to all people, and this project extends a warm welcome to applicants not only from churches but to those who share our concerns and values and are willing to undergo training.

Why do people volunteer with STP?

These are some of the reasons given during a confidential survey:

  • “It is a practical expression of Jesus’ love to the people of Stockton”
  • “To be able to help those in need whatever that need may be”
  • “To show God’s love and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life”
  • “To carry out worthwhile voluntary work on the streets”
  • “To do something practical to reach out to the community”
  • “It is an exciting challenge”
  • “I want to help the community”
  • “I enjoy helping people and giving my time for others”
  • “I needed to develop a more compassionate approach to people rather than being judgemental, and doing this will help”

Volunteers normally give up one evening a month to go on STP patrols or to work in our café on Friday and Saturday evenings. If you would like to know more about how to volunteer then please visit our ‘Friends of STP’ page, or email the project manager.