STP Volunteers

Can you become a volunteer for Stockton Town Pastors?

Stockton Town pastors provide a caring presence on the streets of Stockton-on-Tees on Friday and Saturday evenings between 10pm and 3am during the ‘night-time economy’ period when members of the public may become vulnerable and in need of help.

Download the Volunteer Specification sheet

Get Involved

  • Are you over the age of 18?
  • Do you want to meet lots of new people & friends?
  • Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Can you commit to ONE night a month volunteering?

No formal qualifications are necessary, volunteers are expected to be able to communicate concisely and accurately both verbally and in writing.

Find out more details from the Volunteer specification and apply to become a volunteer below.

We look forward to meeting you


We care about our volunteers and want them to be able to provide the best service they can to the community so we train volunteers in the following:

  • STP Volunteer Handbook Policies and Procedures
  • First Aid training
  • Conflict Management and Personal Safety
  • Child & Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding
  • Self Defence

Training is provided online as well as in person training and when registered as a team member, you can access all the materials via your login.

There are different levels of volunteer with different responsibilities:


An observer is someone who has not completed any or all of the core training elements and can see what we do on a night and get a feel for what is happening

Team Member

A team member has completed the core training and is an active volunteer who goes out on a night.

Team Leader

A team leader has gone through further training to lead a group of three when out on a night and is also a Team Member


A Co-ordinator has gone through further training to be able to be point of contact and run a full session and be the main contact. Also a Team Member


The project is borne out of and is sustained by prayer. If you are the leader of a church or small group, or an individual and would like to be kept informed of our activities then please sign up to our newsletter and we will send regular prayer requests along with news on what is happening with Stockton Town Pastors and how you can get involved 

What is the process of becoming a volunteer?

Observer (Initial volunteer)

1. Fill in the application form to initially be an observer
2. Your application will be checked and any references confirmed
3. You will be invited to complete the core training and volunteer handbook

At this point you can come out as an observer with the team

Team Member

To become a Team Member, you must also cover training on Working with Vulnerable Adults & Child Safeguarding and conflict management

At this point, you will be able to come out as a team member.

You will also be offered training on First Aid, and awareness of other services

Team Leaders/Coordinator

There is further training available to become a team leader or coordinator and how to use the radio if requested.

Why do people volunteer with STP?

These are some of the reasons given during a confidential survey:

“It is a practical expression of Jesus’ love to the people of Stockton”
“To show God’s love and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life”
“To do something practical to reach out to the community”
“I want to help the community”
I enjoy helping people and giving my time for others”
“To be able to help those in need whatever that need may be”
“To carry out worthwhile voluntary work on the streets”
“It is an exciting challenge”
“I needed to develop a more compassionate approach to people rather than being judgemental, and doing this will help”

Whilst the volunteer application and vetting process already ensures that volunteers meet high personal standards, it is necessary to ensure these are maintained in order to secure long-term consistency and corporate responsibility. An open policy of continuous assessment of all volunteers and mutual identification of any training needs will be carried out by the project manager.

The Stockton Town Pastors project is fully dependent upon the effort, care and compassion of its volunteers in order to extend this service to the community. The STP Board is extremely grateful for the personal commitment of volunteers.  Thank-you for considering to become a volunteer with STP, I am sure you will find it a personally rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Adam Randall - Chair

Adam Randall
Chair, STP Board