What Others Say

 “Thank you so much for what you do, on behalf of those of us that care, but haven’t got what it takes. A happy, blessed, and dare I say peaceful year to you all.”


 “You are Angels sent from God”


 “I have been meaning to email you for a long time but having just watched the pride of Britain awards and seeing a fellow pastor receive an award it’s encouraged me to do it now….. I’m a 29 year old woman who first met you on a night out a year or so ago. When I saw what you were doing I couldn’t believe that people could be so caring and selfless, not to mention non judgemental towards all the drunken people around you!!! I feel absolutely humbled knowing that there is such wonderful people like you out there!! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that us ” drunken youngsters” really appreciate what you do!!! Thank you xxx”


 “Thank you soo much to the people who helped us in Yarm tonight! (Steve, Fran and Beryl). We found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of being thrown out of The Keys because one of my friends was mistaken for being sick. Soon afterwards he was actually ill but the street angels were there to help. They didn’t judge and gave my friend water, a sick bag, and, the rest of us lollies! Thanks again, much appreciation!  X


“A team of women helped me after I left a gig in Stockton last Friday; I just want to say thank you for the way you support others.”


“You are the nicest people I know, and I want to thank you for what you do.”


“Just want to say thank-you to the team tonight, for providing a helping hand for one of my family members who was out in Stockton. You guys are a blessing to Stockton “

“Got home safe, thanks for looking after me xx “

“I would just like to say how genuinely thankful I am for these amazing people and the work they do…………….. around midnight after we bought some chips I was hobbling back to The Keys bare foot when one of the men of this charity spotted me in my hour of need. I asked him if he had any plasters for my feet and it was almost as if a halo appeared above his head as he said ‘No, but would you like some flip flops?’ FLIP. FLOPS! I had never being so grateful for a gift in my whole life, they are very nice flip flops too, a lovely shade of lime 🙂  These people are top class sound and I mass respect them, thank you for my making my walk home bearable, thank you so very very much. “

 “I spoke to some of your volunteers tonight!! One of them was Sue and what a lovely lady she was…………… Please just let Sue know that I think she is a wonderful lady :-)”

“Thankyou for (helping my Mum) last night.  She is fine now, but we are so glad of your help”

“I recently had the opportunity to be on patrol with the Stockton Town Pastors on a Saturday night and I want to affirm the very real contribution that they are making to community safety in the town centre of Stockton on a Friday and Saturday evening. I was particularly impressed with the rapport that they have established with all of those engaged in the night-time environment especially the members of the public. It was good to hear too how the Town Pastors can sometimes link in with other Christian projects locally to make a real difference to the lives of those in all sorts of needs. STP has brought together and trained volunteers from over 17 churches who offer their Christian Faith in such practical ways – my heartfelt thanks to all of them! I very much hope that local churches will be able to find a way to support this imaginative piece of work.”
The Right Reverend Mark Bryant, Bishop of Jarrow

 “Thank you very much, I did eventually find (my girlfriend), she had walked to her Mam’s…………  Thanks to your team, you all do a great job.”

“Last night after a night out in Stockton I was unfortunately left on my own.  The Stockton town pastors then stayed and kept me company until my taxi arrived and made sure I got in it ok. Unfortunately I never got chance to say thank you, if you could pass my thanks on I would be extremely grateful.”

“We were in the town in September and got talking to one of your volunteers.  I told her my mum was dying and I asked if she would pray with me.  It was really helpful, and a short time later my mum passed away.  Your volunteer knew our church and she sent the family a sympathy card.  I can’t tell you how much this means to me and my family, to know that others care about us.  The family are spending Christmas with my dad and he will find it especially hard, but we just want to spend time with one another.”
Andrew and Mark

“I have just watched you help that girl to her feet and send her off with her friend. I had to come across and say well done, you are really appreciated. God bless you all”

“I would just like to say thank you very much—whoever you are—you helped me get in a taxi last night in Stockton High Street. Wow, I was in a bad state and I’d just like to say thank you very VERY much. Good service. Thank you.”

“Stockton pastors are brilliant and they have saved me numerous times I think it’s a fantastic idea – keep up the good work. You should extend this to more towns”

“I just had to come across and say thanks for helping me about a month ago. I was wasted and lying in a shop doorway and one of you – a really nice older woman – picked me up and put me in a taxi home. You do a great job.”

“I welcome these night-time initiatives such as (Town Pastors). You are working hard to help the communities in which you live by making the streets safer and I am extremely grateful to you all for that. I pray that these initiatives continue to result in reduced crime and the fear of crime. Keep up the good work!”
The Most Revd. and Right Hon. Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

“I know how much prayer and effort many of the churches in Stockton, and their friends, have put into the development of a Town Pastors project in the town. I know too how committed the volunteers are in providing whatever help they can to those who are in need of support, encouragement or assistance. I commend you all – the churches, the volunteers and all those involved through partnerships, including Stockton Borough Council and Cleveland Police, for doing what you are doing, and I am sure this initiative will continue to be a great success.”
Sir John Rowling

“Stockton Town Pastors has become an established part of what is happening in the town centre on a Friday and Saturday evening, and their presence is greatly appreciated by those who are enjoying themselves during the night-time environment as well as those such as the police, club door staff and taxi drivers etc. who work within this economy. They contribute towards making Stockton a safer place to be, and their many volunteers are to be commended for their personal commitment to this project. They are local people who have a heart for their own community, giving their time freely to bring care and support onto the streets of Stockton at a time when it is most needed.”
James Wharton, Member of Parliament (Conservative) Stockton South